Marauder Old Boys
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Marauder Old Boys
Written by Mark Underwood   
Tuesday, 06 October 2015 20:35

There is no reason not to be involved!!

Old boys is for everyone! so get out and having some fun and a bit of freindly banter. In case there is something holding you back consider this:

  • Age - just makes us more experienced and has allowed our stories to become myth and legend
  • Fitness - is something we all remember, some of us had and we all dream about - running is optional
  • Injuries - face it if you have made it to old boys without carrying some niggle then you probably havent really had a crack and playing injury free could be considered unsportsmanlike.
  • Skill - Wallabies watch out! - seriously rugby experience is optional the only real skill you need is to be able to have a bit of fun
  • Rules - Dont know the rules (who does, who cares) every one out there will be a referee so we'll sort it out somehow!

We have seen players in old boys games that are in their 90s, others with replacement hips and knees, and a few (just a few!!!) carrying well over the 100 kegs. So really there are no excuses.

Coloured shorts makes the game safe for everyone. The colour of a players shorts indicates the level of physicality for example a player in red shorts  is HELD rather than tackled to the ground? You are in control.

Rugby is for everyone! players and spectators love it and it really is a fun day out for the whole family and a great way to meet new people

What a great way to get together with mates than to get out on the rugby park

You're never too old, big, small, fat, skinny, unfit or inexperienced  to pull on the boots and enjoy a game of old boys rugby

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